Beach volleyball in Chahue beach, Huatulco

Chahue beach is one of the favorite places to exercise in Huatulco. Many people jog or walk during the morning and afternoon at this beautiful beach. Every Saturday at four o'clock in the afternoon, or five o'clock during the summer time, a beach volleyball court is set on this soft sand. Due to characteristics of the sand, not as hard as others, it is a good spot to play this sport. Good news is that Huatulco has warm climate the whole year, when it is cold is about 18° Celsius in Decermber and January, Can you believe it?.

People enjoy playing beach volleyball with a beautiful sunset, most of the times, as regular frame which adds some more magic to the place. If you like to play beach volleyball don't forget visiting Chahue Bay on Saturdays afternoons and join to local and foreign players and have fun meeting new people.

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