Four wheel drive through the forest

Emotion and excitement in Huatulco

Turn on the engine, emotion and excitement on one hand, adrenaline ready to explode on the other, the off road paths of the forest will be an unforgettable memory for those who like extreme sports.

Getting dirt and fast

One of the most amazing activities in Huatulco is a four wheel drive through the forest. Expert guidance, provided by local people, will take you to the heart of quiet spots where the only noise comes from broods of different birds which feed on trees and plants. There is only one rule: forget the manners and fashion attitudes; give it gas and get dirt while crossing tiny brooks and feeling the warm weather under shaded off road paths.

An amazing scenario: the jungle of Huatulco

It's funny, amusing when you refresh yourself crossing the shallow streams and snaky roads as the journey continues to the inside of the jungle. Spent the day far away from the urban life and discover your vocation to enjoy nature as well as a big smile is printed on your face. You'll finish dirt and tired but, also with a remarkable sense of adventure and the color of the deep forest on your eyes, and feeling joyful and happy to go back to the motion of the city a little lighter with another memory for your personal record.

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