Surfing in Huatulco

Surfing in Huatulco : Activities, Huatulco, Oaxaca Before surfing session, a little waltk to get to the surf breakOpen your eyes and sit comfortably aboard if you are looking for an off-the-beaten path surfing adventure departing from the Santa Cruz deck. Spirited surfers are strongly attracted by the regular swells during the summer time.

Searching the best surf

The journey begins before the sunrise with a glowing horizon which will slow your heart rate; we are now in the search of the perfect surf.

The Pacific Ocean has some privileges for surfers; there are several secret spots and, when the swell and conditions are the right ones, wave riders found themselves enjoying world class surf in these greenish jade colored waters. An hour-long cruise along the coastline provides more than ten spots, some of them not crowded and only reached by boat. The fresh cool wind of the dawn welcomes surfers and the sea foam surrounding the rocks and inlets nearby the shore foretell the conditions as the expectations rise up high; it will be a legendary day of surfing.

Surfing in Huatulco : Activities, Huatulco, Oaxaca Radical maneouvers result in epic surfing

Secret surfing spots

At the distance, the blue mountains of the Sierra Sur decorate the view as long as a big sun rises over the sea. If you are lucky enough close encounters with dolphins and turtles can occur. Everything is movement and excitement aboard; everybody waxes the boards and prepares for the riding. There are several perfect points, mostly right ones, and beach breaks. Then, the arrival to a solitary point only for us, it is as expected; just perfect pristine 3 meters on the face waves. It is not a day for beginners. The perfect tubes roll on and on while the swell pushes set after set.

Surfing in Huatulco : Activities, Huatulco, Oaxaca The Pacific Ocean has some privileges for surfers

Walking on warm water

The warm water and the off shore wind add some more magic to the moment. Although the water walls approach to the shore forming hollow barrels, late take offs are allowed, and the vertical drops result in memorable surfing. Even the wipeouts are enjoyed and celebrated. The morning ends with smiling and stocked surfers who only desire to repeat it over and over again; they know that the perfect surf will be waiting for them, the joyful and back-to-life rides provided by the ocean, as they have been for untold centuries, are an imperative for those who visit the amazing surroundings of Huatulco.

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