Barra de la Cruz a perfect surfing spot

Outstanding surfing spot of Oaxaca

One of the many outstanding surfing spots nearby Huatulco is the world famous Barra de la Cruz. Few years ago this right-pointed long perfect wave remained secret eventhough is an only 25 kilometers drive from Huatulco Bays. The small village itself seems a piece of paradise with its tall tropical palms, banana, lemon, and papaya plantations. In the middle of the town, a small lagoon, where local people grow fish and the benefits belong to the whole community, decorates the view.

Large beach "Playa Grande"

At the beach the sandbar enclosures a small river mouth with mangroves and the astonishing wild life which the low jungle is characterized by. The only palapa restaurant, which is also administered by the community, is placed on the sandbar and offers a varied menu of regional food.

2006 ASP World Championship Tour Contest

If we turn to our right from the restaurant, the view couldn't be better; the waves breaking perfectly and rolling on and on. In fact this world class surf ended up the search for a perfect spot and the ASP World Championship Tour held an event at this beautiful place back in June 2006. During the contest few ones could admire Kelly Slater's getting barreled for a perfect ten from the judges, the impossible vertical drops of Bobby Martinez or the radical moves and aerials of Andy Irons who resulted the winner of the event that year.

Perfect waves of Barra de la Cruz

At that time the place was known as "La Joya" (the jewel) and that's a suited name for it; come and cast your reflection on the inner water wall of a hollow tube and, be sure, the wave is so perfect that it's possible to hide in plain sight.

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