Chahue Beach Huatulco

Chahue is one of the favorite beaches of Huatulco because of its location near to the town of La Crucesita. One of the most prominent characteristics of this beautiful beach is its white and clean sand that is some kind of grain which result pleasurable to walk on. Many local people enjoy exercising at this beach; some play beach volleyball, others beach soccer, jogging, some practice yoga, and others just walk on the shore in the morning and evening.

Chahue means humid place

Chahue comes from the Nahuatl language and it refers to a place characterized by being humid. In the past, this place had a fresh water lagoon with an amazing nature; some people tell that they it was common to watch crocodiles, deers and cougars around the lagoon. It was also a papaya, lemon and mango plantation some years ago. Then, a trailer park and a restaurant were established and it became a really nice place to camp and enjoy the nature. It used to be a spectacular scuba diving spot; the fresh water provided for the lagoon attracted many fish to the shore and the reef formations nearby the hills, in fact there are people who tell that they could see once a shark which furiously bit a dead cow just in the shore where the waves break.

Chahue in recent years

When the tourist destination was designed, a Marina yatch club was built in Chahue. Also beach clubs, a charming park with a cafe, parking lots, discotheques, hotels, and a jetty where people like to walk on, some for fishing and some others for watching the sunset. Many people is finding at this beach the perfect frame for a wedding on the beach, with candle lights and open fires, wearing white clothing to make it more special.

One amazing natural landscape in this bay is the rock formation called "The sleeping giant". It is formed by hills stabbing the sea and, at the distance, it seems like a man lying on the ocean floor. There is also another particular rock formation called "The turtle with a crocodile's head" which is a shelter for birds in the nesting season.

A walk on the sand

Many people find that walking on the sand of Chahue results relaxing and very enjoyable. In the new year's eve lots of people can be seen at the beach having fun with relatives and friends. It has become a tradition to spend the night on December 31st dancing, having dinner, listening to music, around open fires at the beach.

Unfortunately this is not a beach recommended for kids. The ocean floor dramatically descends near the shore and, without caution, it could result not appropriate for beginners or those who can not swim. Please be very careful if you are learning how to swim.

In your next Trip to Huatulco don't forget to visit Chahue, it could be a very nice experience of tanning under the sun and having a cold beer or a relaxing jogging on the white sand of this popular beach.

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