El Arrocito beach, Huatulco

Tiny but goody

El Arrocito is the perfect tiny beach to build a house and spend the rest of our lives in this tropical paradise. It is located just before Tangolunda bay, there is a small sign before the mirador and you have to turn right. This small beach, with its particular type of sand, from which it takes its name, is just perfect to visit with the family because of its soft surf and size where kids can be easily watched on.

The name of El Arrocito

El Arrocito means small, tiny, or little rice. The name of this beach is because of the sand, which seems to be grains of rice alike. The sand is very different to the one at other beaches; it is a little thick, mostly very tiny rounded rocks mixed with small shells and pieces of them. Although is not a long beach, its one of the favorite beaches in Huatulco. The beach is surrounded by luxurious hotels, condos, villas, and residences with spectacular view to the sea.

The beach is protected by rock formations, which play the role of natural wave breakers, and offer good spots to scuba dive or snorkel. Local snorkelers, armed with a rod and a hook assembled in the edge, work hard to catch octopuses, lobsters and oysters. There aren’t any restaurants at the beach but, some families sell oysters in their shells and shrimp cocktails, beers and sodas at improvised palm-roofed small palapas under the shade of mangroves.

The parking lot is located on the top of a small hill and, to get to el Arrocito beach, the visitor has to walk down few steps to the beach. It is very important to take the garbage to the parking lot where there is a trash can. Fish and even turtles can swallow plastic materials and die. If you bring bottles or any type of garbage, do not throw it at the beach. The beach is very small and could rapidly turn into a dirty place. The beauty and peace of this beach has to remain as it is, in order to keep amazing this paradise called Huatulco Bays.

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