El Bufadero, Huatulco

One of the most amazing natural spectacles in Huatulco Bays is the noisy "Bufadero". This special place is located in a rock creek in front of the open sea between Santa Cruz bay and El Organo bay. It can be admired better by boat but, also it can be done from the mirador of the light house on the top of the hill which is reached by car. El Bufadero is an underwater rock cave with a tunnel where the water of the sea is driven through by the waves. The water enters into the tunnel and comprises the air in the chamber of the cave. Then the pressure of the air provokes some kind of explosion and the water is launched more than ten meters vertically up. The highness of the wide squirt depends on the conditions of the swell. The sound caused by the explosion is loud and wild; after the explosion, when the cave empties the water out and sucks more air, loud whistles such as a vapor machine gauge can be heard when the air infiltrates through holes in the rock, and again the waves push more water into the tunnel and the cave and explodes wildly, moistening the drop of the rock hill. The name "El Bufadero" comes from the verb "Bufar" in English "to snort" and it is due to the powerful noise when the water is being sucked and launched. It is supposed that the place snorts with the motion of the water.

Sunken ship

Scuba divers enjoy to go down the sea to admire one ship of world war two which is sunk near the bufadero. The shipwreck offers some tanks on the deck of the ship. This place has not been explored openly because is a spot for experienced divers in open waters but local diving agencies offers this underwater adventure.

The light house

The mirador of the light house has an spectacular view of the ocean; sometimes, mostly in the mornings of winter, humpback whales and dolphins can be seen wandering the sea near the coast. This is a perfect place for taking photos and marveling of the greatness of the sea, which seems like a huge dark blue plateau, an enormous blue carpet, moving slowly and showing its power and beauty.

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