El Organo Beach Huatulco

Another beautiful beach of the paradise

El Organo beach is next to Maguey beach in Huatulco Bays. We can only get to this beach by boat or by feet from the main street. A visit by walking to El Organo is a delightful tour through the jungle. We can park the car at the side of the main street which leads to Cacaluta bay. The distance from the street to the beach is about 600 meters on a 15 minutes walk through the jungle, then the high grass and finally the mangroves.

Hiking through the jungle

During the hiking the amazing biodiversity of the low jungle can be admired: Birds, lizards, tejones, squirrels, and opossums.
The name of El Organo comes from the many cactus in the region. At this part of Mexico we call Organo to cactus tree.
The beach, due to few people know the path to it, is one of the most conserved in Huatulco. It has mangroves at the beach. The beach is about 250 meters wide and it is usually uncrowded. At both sides of the beach, the rocky formations host beautiful coral reefs with manta rays called Gavilancillos, octopuses, urchins, sea cucumbers, and eels. Some marine hawks nest on the top of trees in the surroundings of this beach.

El Organo beach: Untouched paradise

El Organo beach is one of those beaches of Huatulco that preserve the natural sense of untouched paradise. Snorkeling is a delight, there is natural shade under the mangroves, it is quiet and solitary, clean and safety. I went to the beach on a scooter and it was really fun, only at the last fifty meters before getting to the beach, at the high grass, I was careful in driving on this sandy path, if you do it, go slow and feet under just in case.
Try to contact a local tourist guide before visiting El Organo, wear comfortable shoes, take enough water and prepare yourself to be in touch with nature, you'll get the right answer why Huatulco is called Paradise Found.

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