La Bocana beach, Huatulco

La Bocana beach is one of those places that can be found almost randomly in Huatulco Bays. It's located at the eastern side of Huatulco, after passing the luxurious hotels and restaurants of Tangolunda Bay. Just before the entrance to the beach, there is a mirador with a nice view of this long beach and its river. There is a small community near the beach; this community is committed to preserve this clean spot due to the amazing flora and fauna of the place and the beach. The restaurants offer delicious Chacales al mojo de ajo, large shrimps of river added with garlic, and there is a spicy and tasteful smell spread at the beach fullfilling the atmosphere.

A traditional spa in La Bocana

The river-floor provides a type of clay which is supposed to be an excellent skin restorer.

Local women founded a community business called "Mujer de Barro" in Zapotec language "Gunna de beñe" where the wet clay is spread on the body until it gets dry, cleaning the skin, in this traditional spa.

La Bocana: A paradise for inshore fishermen and surfers

Only few steps from the restaurants the beach is delight for those who like less crowded places in this paradise; as we get closer, we can see some surfers riding the surf and fishermen skipping the waves in order to throw their lines beyond the break. They are looking for the big Robálo which weights more than twenty pounds. Some other fishermen prepare a net called Tarraya, which is used to catch the living bait for the bigger fish.

The river of Copalita

The fresh wind of the sunset and the pink and orange colors of the sky are mirrored by the waters of this tranquil river stream. The water of the river is even warmer than the sea water and runs softly to the open sea. There is a hill just in front of the sea which seems a big rock wall where there is an archaeological site named Punta Celeste. The river runs next to the hill and then turns where it mixes with the sea creating a feeding spot for birds and fish. Local people say that the beach changes a lot depending on the season; for instance, in winter and spring, the river runs softly and usually the riverbed approaches to the hill and doesn't provoke the water to be dirty. Then in summer, when the seasonal rains come, the river becomes a strong current which drags the riverbed, trunks, branches, and logs and the sea gets a strong brownish color. The width of the beach also depends on the season. If it rains a lot, the river pushes a lot of sand to the sea and the beach gets wider.

After crossing the river, its level is not overhead, and feeling the rounded rocks of the floor, there is a lagoon enclosed by the sandbar. The eternal green colors of the lush vegetation add some more magic to the place; the quiet river forms natural swimming pools designed by Mother Nature ready to be enjoyed by visitors in a senses' full-filler experience in touch with the amazing beauty, unspoiled and uncrowded, of one piece of the found paradise of Huatulco.

It's very important to keep clean the place, take any garbage, including plastic envelopes or bottles. If we want to have this kind of spots with marine and migrant birds, turtles, fish, and chacales, it is a must to keep it clean to preserve the spirit of the place. Although it is included in a modern tourist complex, the amazing nature is respected and preserved. Many local people depend on the health of this river, fishermen, shepherds, growers, farmers, and tourist service workers that would be pleased to serve visitors with opened arms, proud to be inhabitants of this community.

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