Maguey beach, Huatulco

Maguey is one of those beaches that strongly invite to put a semi-sunken chair at the shore, order a cold coconut, and marvel at the beauty of this swimming pool-like beach. The name Maguey is after one of the most important plants of the Mexican culture: the Maguey plant or Agave which is the base of tequila and mezcal, two of the most representative alcoholic beverages of Mexico.

A slow down on the beach

The fine white sand of Maguey welcomes and truly offers a forget-the-job time for the visitor and the greenish tranquil crystal clear waters invite to swim or snorkel under the mirror of the surface and the clean blue sky. It is a delight to just suntan with no sound other than the lap, lap, lap of the waves.

Snorkeling in Maguey beach

The beach is a semi circle which is enclosed by small hills. In the east side of the beach, protected by rock formations, the water is calmer than the west side. This side is perfect for kids and non-experience swimmers or snorkelers and it provides an easy access to a small reef with corals and tropical fish. The west side of the beach, which is a little more open to the high sea spot, offers an incredible coral reef along the coast next to the hill. There could be seen octopuses, moray eels, snails, blow fish, and small spotted mantas called Gavilancillos by local people.

Seafood: a local delicacy

Restaurants in Maguey are mostly palapas which offer delicious seafood. If you find yourself walking on the beach, an army of polite and warm waiters will try to catch your attention. Don’t worry to choose any restaurant; prices are the same at every single one. Mexican people could seem stubborn to draw your attention but, honestly, they are very warm and hardworking people that enjoy to laugh and to talk with everyone who shows up at the beach. The classic dishes in Maguey are "La Mariscada" a large dish with shrimp, snail, octopus, lobster, and fish grilled in open fire. Don't forget to ask for a michelada or a stuffed pineapple, they are just a delight.

What to do in Maguey

There are several stands where the tourist can rent snorkel gear which includes life jacket, fins, mask, and snorkel. Another option to have fun is to rent an aquatic vehicle or water-ski. There are also bananas if you like to ride and have fun with your friends, if you ask for it, the towing boat will turn rapidly trying to dump the banana and its occupants.

Conservation in Maguey

Coral reefs are threatened because of their fragility. Please don’t purchase any product which includes coral or don’t take them as souvenirs to home. It could seem an exaggeration but, these incorrect actions can destroy reefs and the living species that inhabit in it. This beach is in the National Park, so it is an federal offense to take any natural piece or to litter.

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