Surfing el Mojon beach

In the surroundings of Huatulco there are several surf points with amazing waves. El Mojon is one of the nearest really nice spots of Huatulco Bays. Only 20 minutes by the highway that leads to Salina Cruz, there is a detour to El Mojon. This 2 kilometers off road path leads to this beautiful beach enclosed by rocky hills.

Watching the ocean, to the right side of the beach, the wave breaks to the right starting from the tip of the hill. Capricious rocky formations can be admired at the breaking point; local surfers call "the sheep" a rock near the point which seems to be part of the head of that animal.

Lately, some cabins and restaurants offer their services in this uncrowded beach. Most of surfers prefer going to Barra de la Cruz, and do not know this spot.

Sometimes we have been lucky enough and we have seen turtles at this beach. As many other beaches of Oaxaca, turtles show up in the surf and then crawl on the beach to lay their eggs. it is important to not litter the beach, plastic bags are usually seen like jelly fish and unfortunately turtles die after swallowing these bags.

Even in a regular day with small swell, waves break perfectly from the point. With high tide the wave is soft but, when the swell comes, in the low tide, waves are hollow and fast. Big tubes and vertical walls constantly hit the beach set after set with the right swell, usually in spring and summer.

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