Zicatela beach, the Mexican Pipeline

I find myself, with a certain amount of satisfaction I must add, exactly in front of the best surfing spot of this beach break; El Punto, at the world famous Mexican pipeline, Zicatela beach in Puerto Escondido Oaxaca.

The Mexican Pipeline

Zicatela is a surfing spot that attracts many surfers from all over the world along the whole year for its constant surf. It is in summer time when the big surf, some times giant, hit the beach; the swells, formed by storms in the south, create the high water walls that approach to the shore, breaking perfectly at the beach break.

In the morning the offshore wind blowing from the mountains strikes softly the face of the waves shaping hollow barrels, and creates a white water curtain when the waves break. The sunlight is mirrored by the walls of the waves and it's a beautiful place to take photos.

Although it is early in the morning, before 7 a.m. many surfers are paddling out in the search for the best ride. It is not difficult to find it; it is well-known that Zicatela has high class surf along the year.

Zicatela in the eighties

Some people remember their first time they were at Zicatela beach; they tell that almost the whole beach, except by Punta Zicatela in the South point, was not inhabited and many small sand dunes covered by weed were typical, and of course, the perfect surf. People were highly attracted by the relaxed lifestyle of the place where the fresh fish was really cheap and the common dish of everyday. In those magic eighties everything was brotherhood and surfing.
Then, Zicatela started to draw the attention of business people and nowadays there are hotels, stores, restaurants, surf shops, and the traditional cabins which are a not expensive option to stay in Puerto Escondido.

High class surf in Zicatela, Puerto Escondido

Surfers from all over the world find this wave as one of the most difficult ones; the wave is fast and strong, and forms a hollow barrel that, added to the size, it results a place only for experienced, or risky, surfers. The local surfers have mastered in riding this wave. There are local surfers that are professional in this challenging sport. There are also several surfing contests during the year. Many famous surfers have visited the spot: Kelly Slater, Andy Irons, Tom Curren, and the big wave surfer Laird Hamilton. For those who would like to learn how to surf, this beach it is not recommended, there are local surfers who teach how to surf in Punta Zicatela, ask local surfers for it. It could be an amazing and joyful experience, to try to walk on the waters of the Pacific Ocean, at least near the Mexican Pipeline.

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