Surfing La Escollera

Near Salina Cruz city, there is an excellent beach break in the community of Salinas del Marques. This great surfing point is known as La Ultima Escollera or the Last Jetty.

Although the wave is not very long, it creates a hollow and fast barrel which breaks to the right. The best season to surf this spot is in summer because the strong winds start in October and last until spring. When the wave is small, it breaks close to the rocks of the jetty but, with the right conditions, it is just perfect. As in most beaches of Oaxaca, the color of the water near the shore is green and clear. It is really enjoyable to surf in this warm water, in the sunny days if you duck-dive with your eyes open underwater, you could see the perfect barrel passing over you as we see in magazines, clear and perfect.

If you get by car to this point, you have to drive from Huatulco to Salinas Cruz, before getting to the city, you have to turn right at Salinas del Marques, you will see the open salt mines at your right. This is the place where the cross of salt that gives the name to Salina Cruz was found.

There are many surfing spots in Oaxaca, a surfing trip along the coast, searching the surf, will be an amazing experience for those who love the ocean and its wonders.

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