Surfing Punta Conejos

If there is a surfer's dream, it is maybe a perfect and uncrowded surfing spot with a long wave under a sunny sky. Punta Conejos or Rabbits Point is one of those spots where the surfer seems to be dreaming; the wave breaks to the right, close to the hill named Punta Conejos, in fact the shape of the tip of the hill at the distance looks like a rabbit. The ride lasts almost a minute in a regular day, with swell, it lasts more than a minute. It is a soft wave, it doesn't form hollow barrels but, it is truly fun to ride it. Sometimes it is better to walk back to the break along the path near the hill after riding that paddling back because of the distance.

Punta Conejos is an inhabited place. There are neither restaurants, hotels, nor houses at the beach. Take water and supplies because you will not find a store near this beach.
The port of Salina Cruz is always on sight from this beach, many large ships that transport oil, gasoline, diesel and other types of fuel are at the decks, shipyards, and jettys of the port.

If you want to surf this spot, you have to drive from Huatulco to Salina Cruz and 10 kilometers before that city you have to turn right at a detour to Playa Brasil. Be very careful, there is an intrincate net of dirty paths and no signs to get this beach. Also, if you don't drive a four wheel vehicle to go on the sand, you'll have to park your car about 300 meters from the point and walk on the sand dunes until get to the beach. It is a little difficult to get this spot but, the wave is worth enough, you'll have a ot of fun, specially longboarders.

Another thing to have in mind is that in the waters surroundings Salina Cruz it is common to see whale sharks, also called Raspabalsas. These sharks are not agressive but, there are others sharks that have been seen at this place: Tiger and hammer sharks. Be very careful and take a look before paddling to the break.
Punta Conejos, a surfers dream come true, an incredible surfing adventure for those who search a place to go back to the real spirit of surfing, the encounter with the old ocean, who always is giving us magic and beauty in its waves.

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