Beaches in Oaxaca State

One of the many outstanding surfing spots nearby Huatulco is the world famous Barra de la Cruz.

One of the characteristics of Chahue beach is its white and clean sand that is some kind of grain which result pleasurable to walk on.

El Arrocito is the perfect tiny beach to build a house and spend the rest of our lives in this tropical paradise. It is located just before Tangolunda bay, there is a small sign before the mirador and you have to turn right.

One of the most amazing natural spectacles in Huatulco Bays is the noisy Bufadero. This special place is located in a rock creek in front of the open sea between Santa Cruz bay and El Organo bay

Maguey is one of those beaches that strongly invite to put a semi-sunken chair at the shore, order a cold coconut, and marvel at the beauty of this swimming pool-like beach.

El Organo beach is one of those beaches of Huatulco that preserve the natural sense of untouched paradise

La Bocana beach is one of those places that can be found almost randomly in Huatulco Bays. It is located at the eastern side of Huatulco, after passing the luxurious hotels and restaurants of Tangolunda Bay.

La Entrega, one of the nature privileged spots of the Huatulco bays.

Santa Cruz bay has many beaches including Santa Cruz beach, La Entrega beach, Hierbabuena beach, and other five tiny unnamed beaches, where the crystal waters display the whiteness of the sand and small coral reef formations.

Even in a regular day with small swell, waves break perfectly from the point. With high tide the wave is soft but, when the swell comes, in the low tide, waves are hollow and fast.

Near Salina Cruz city, there is an excellent beach break in the community of Salinas del Marques. This great surfing point is known as La Ultima Escollera or the Last Jetty.

Another well kept surfing secret around Huatulco bays is Majahual beach. This nice spot is located next to El Mojon beach, about 20 kilometers from Huatulco, heading to Salina Cruz.

If there is a surfer's dream, it is maybe a perfect and uncrowded surfing spot with a long wave under a sunny sky. Punta Conejos or Rabbits Point is one of those spots where the surfer seems to be dreaming.

Zicatela beach is a surfing spot that attracts many surfers from all over the world along the whole year for its constant surf. It is in summer time when the big surf, some times giant, hit the beach

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