Temple and convent of San Juan de Dios

In 1528 the first Dominics got to Oaxaca, who were hosted in the sacristy of this temple, devoted at its beginnings to Santa Catalina, and it was the first cathedral.

Captain Antonio Díaz Maceda was the sponsor of the building, he donated money in order to have a hospital with 12 beds, an office, room for six priests and even a groove.

Its administration was handed over the Monks Juaninos, who got to Oaxaca in 1669 and devoted the temple to San Juan de Dios. The new devotion took place on October 8th, 1702. The hospital was supported by the Oaxacan philanthropist Manuel Fernandez de Fiallo, and it became a unique in its gender institution which worked during more than a century, until it was closed because of lack of money and also the monks died.

A fire destroyed the building in 1864, only the chapel was opened for the cult. The convent was completely in ruins. In 1887 archbishop Gillow promoted the reconstruction of the temple and it was devoted again in 1890.

Since 1888, the plot of lot where the cells, the hospital and the groove used to be were occupied by the market 20 de Noviembre.

There are eight prominent paintings in the premise of the temple: one about the Holy Cross of Huatulco, another about the baptize of king zapoteca Cosijoeza, one more about the Dominics defending the Indians, and five more about the revolt where the martyrs of Cajonos were killed, they were beatified by Pope Juan Pablo II in July 2002.

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