Temple and ex-convent of Our lady of Las Nieves (the Snow)

This church hosted the college of San Juan, the first seminar that was established in Oaxaca. In 1579, the dean of the cathedral, Juan Ruiz, donated a high amount of money for the foundation of that college, which was managed by the Jesuits and the church was opened in 1776; It was named Santa Maria La Mayor, and time after Our lady of Populous, because an image of her was put at the church by their founders, replica of the image of Rome attributed to San Lucas. The temple was dedicated to Our Lady of the Snow some time later.

Many earthquakes caused several damages to the temple until the archbishop Álvarez de Abreu ordered to demolish it, and it was blessed again in 1772, when the Jesuits had been expelled from the New Spain.
The convent was fractionated and destined for different commercial businesses.

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