Temple and ex-convent of San Jose, Oaxaca City

It was founded in 1595 by the Jesuits. It collapsed due to earthquakes in 1696 and was built in 1728.
The convent was finished in 1744 and was occupied by the nuns of San Jose, who called themselves Spanish Cappuccinos in order to be distinguished from the Indians Cappuccinos who occupied the convent next to the Seven Princes.

The church, of small proportions, presents in its interior simple ornamentation, with certain pureness and elegance in its architectural lines.
Inn 1893 the convent was acquired by archbishop Gillow and turned to orphans and elders asylum, being abandoned after the Mexican revolution.

Nowadays, it is administered by the Oaxaca state Benito Juarez Autonomous University and it hosts the Arts school since 1950.

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