Temple of La Defensa (The Defense)

Its construction started in 1786 and was solemnly devoted in 1792. It was a weak building, not to high and rose in a low resistant soil, which caused to collapse several times, due to constant earthquakes of the region, specially the one on March 23rd 1795, that demolished the towers and the cover of the canyon, bringing the vault down.

Thus, bishop Gregorio Jose de Oamaña proposed to turn it into a cemetery, finding the open opposition of parishioners, who inmediately rebuilt it. Its solemn blessing was performed on March 24th 1798. Due to the Laws of Reform, it was sold to private investors and later acquired by bishop Gillow to restore and keep it.

It has a broad atrium, adapted to the shape of the corner. In the top part of the side door, there is a sculpture of a gentleman sitting and carrying the emblem of “Calavatra” Order, who may be an important benefactor.

The presbitery stands out a Churrigusresque altarpiece with four magnificent paintings of th 18th century.

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