Temple of San Felipe Neri, Oaxaca City

One of the most prominent colonial monuments of the 17th century, its edification began in 1633 when the founders got to Oaxaca under the command of Presbyterian Don Juan de Aragón , who organized from Europe the"Pia Union" or "Concordia" in 1861. However, the person who is distinguished for consolidating and strengthening this oratory, because he requested and obtained the authorization of the Pope Clemente XIII, about 1728 and 1729, was Presbyterian Don Juan Saenz de Leyva Cantabrano y Zorrilla.

The formal construction was begun until 1733 and finished on January 17th, 1773, date in which it was consecrated to Virgin of Sponsorship and, of course, to the founder of the congregation San Felipe Neri, whose image can be admired at the mayor altar, art work of premium quality of the purest Mexican churriguesque style.

The beautiful facade of green quarry stone is a historical remain of the Plateresque of the 16th century, although the style of the construction, in general terms, is baroque. At the central part of the facade there is a San felipe Neri carved in stone in yellow quarry, wearing a bonnet and holding a book on the right hand which is almost indistinguishable, maybe for the pass of the time or due to man's destruction, since this building, as many others, were occupied by the army during civil wars. Due to this, the altarpieces of the facade are nowadays empty.

The interior altarpieces are truly pieces of art, in which we find paintings of Juan de Páez and Agustín de Santaella.
The church has a sole premise with vault and cruise, in other words, it was designed as a Latin cross. The towers were finished in 1803, year in which they were blessed and, it could be said, until that date the construction of this temple was finished. In its interior there is a cemetery with ten tombs where the rests of priests and founders of this Order lie.
At this temple Benito Juarez Garcia married Margarita Maza on July 31st, 1843.

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