Temple of San Francisco, Oaxaca City

The Franciscan monks got to Oaxaca in 1592. This temple was formerly dedicated to San Ildefonso but, the name of San Francisco prevailed because it is known that in June 1661 several earthquakes occurred in Oaxaca and its inhabitants pray to San Francisco, who was named benefactor of the city.
Other earthquakes demolished the temple in 1696 and 1787, leaving it in ruins and without towers.

The chapel of the third Order was built between 1733 and 1734 and was blessed in 1735 by bishop Francisco de Santiago y Calderon.
It was Teachers training college, school of arts and occupations, and hospital.
Today, the red Cross and government departments occupy great part of which was property of the temple once.

In front of the altar, the human rests of the Mexican liberator were held a wake over the night April 30th, 1833, once they were exhumed and brought from Cuilapam de Guerrero, the place where he was executed by a firing squad.

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