Churches and Convents of Oaxaca State

The church was rose at the place where the image of the virgin of the Solitude appeared, inside of a box of shoes in 1543. The temple was finished in 1690 with donations of archdeacon Don Pedro Otalora y Carbajal. it was honored as a basilica in 1959

The construction of the first Episcopal seat commenced in 1535 by order of the bishop of Santo Domingo, Don Sebastian Ramirez de Funleal, and was concluded in 1544 during the time of bishop Juan Lopez de Zarate

The Dominic temple and ex-convent of Cuilapam de Guerrero seem, at the distance, as a fortress dominating the valley in which it is located. It was built on a small hill and has a spectacular view of the surroundings.

In 1528 the first Dominics got to Oaxaca, who were hosted in the sacristy of this temple, devoted at its beginnings to Santa Catalina, and it was the first cathedral.

The Company of Jesus was one of the first religious congregations established in Oaxaca, where they soon began their evangelical action through the towns of the Zapotec and Mixtec regions, and some of the priests preached in the local languages.

The Mercedarios got to Oaxaca between 1573 and 1584, who build the temple and convent of La Merced, which date back to the 18th century.

This church hosted the college of San Juan, the first seminar that was established in Oaxaca. In 1579, the dean of the cathedral, Juan Ruiz, donated a high amount of money for the foundation of that college, which was managed by the Jesuits.

It was founded in 1595 by the Jesuits. It collapsed due to earthquakes in 1696 and was built in 1728. The convent was finished in 1744 and was occupied by the nuns of San Jose, who called themselves Spanish Cappuccinos.

The construction of Santo Domingo de Guzman temple began in 1570 after the concession of twenty plots of land to the north of the city by order of the town parish in 1550.

Few are the news of this temple's origin, but due to its location, it's probably that its history is linked to Bethelem Order residence, in the closed sanctuary of La Guadalupana.

Its construction started in 1786 and was solemnly devoted in 1792. It was a weak building, not to high and rose in a low resistant soil, which caused to collapse several times, due to constant earthquakes of the region.

The beautiful facade of green quarry stone is a historical remain of the Plateresque of the 16th century, although the style of the construction, in general terms, is baroque. At the central part of the facade there is a San felipe Neri.

The Franciscan monks got to Oaxaca in 1592. This temple was formerly dedicated to San Ildefonso but, the name of San Francisco prevailed because in June 1661 several earthquakes occurred in Oaxaca and its inhabitants pray to San Francisco

The church of La Crucecita is a most for catholics and specially for those who adore the Virgen Of Guadalupe, the patron virgin of Mexico.

The temple of Santa Maria del Tule dates back to the XVII century. In 1630 Bernabe de Cobo mentioned the place in the Spanish Diary and also, in 1776, Francisco Ajofrin mentioned the town, the church and the tree.

It is not possible to establish exactly when Temple of San Matias Jalatlaco was built; it is very possible that it occurred at the end of the XVIII century.

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