La Crucecita Huatulco

La Crucecita is the heart of the small city of Huatulco. La Crucecita means "The small Cross" and it is located on a plateau only a kilometer from the Santa Cruz bay. Before the tourist complex, which began in 1983, the place where La Crucecita is now established was mainly an agriculture place with few inhabitants, most of them used to live in Santa Cruz bay.

What to do in La Crucecita

La Crucecita is the meeting point in the warm evenings of Huatulco. The main square of La Crucecita is the starting point for several activities in this small, quiet, and safe city.

Travelers, visitors or tourists, whatever you want to call them, like to walk around the main square, also called park, in the evenings when the weather is a little cooler. They can be seen taking pictures, having soft drinks and ice cream, and shopping souvenirs and handcrafts at the park.

Restaurants of Huatulco

The variety of restaurants in La Crucecita goes from the traditional Mexican tacos, Italian food, American grilled steaks, Oaxaca's food including tlayudas, tasajo, quesillo, chapulines, and mole. There are also Arabian food, and French cuisine. There are several restaurants around the main square which offer national and international dishes and beverages.

Mezcal in Huatulco

If the visitor is interested in knowing a little bit more of the elaboration process of the most traditional alcoholic drink of Oaxaca, the Mezcal, a visit to the House of the fine Mezcal will be a pleasurable activity. Nowadays this tasty and strong beverage is recognized as one of the favorite among visitors. The visitor can closely approach to the "Palenque" which is the common name given to the place where Mezcal is elaborated and it refers to the grind, with a big stone attached to a large stick and pulled by a mule, which was used in the past, today this kind of instruments are still being used in small towns in communities far from the cities. There are many places where Mezcal is sold; if you want to buy one or more bottles, be sure to compare prices, they depend on quality and also the kind of store.

The Market of Huatulco

The market of Huatulco is named "May third" in honor to the festivity of the Holy Cross. There are many stands which sell handcrafts and souvenirs, typical clothing, chocolate, tlayudas, mezcal, beach stuff, fruits, vegetables. There are also many "Comedores" or small restaurants which offer seafood, fish, and steaks.

The Church of Huatulco: La Virgen de Guadalupe

The church of La Crucecita is a most for catholics and specially for those who adore the Virgen Of Guadalupe, the patron virgin of Mexico. The largest painting, all over the world, dedicated to this virgin decorates the whole ceiling of this small church. It was painted by the Mexican artist Jose del Signo.

Shopping in La Crucecita, Huatulco

For those who like to go shopping, there are many silversmiths around the downtown. If you do not have the time and chance to go to the Central Valleys, there are also textiles and varied handcrafts in Huatulco; rugs, clothing, alebrijes, black pottery, and handcrafts from other states such as Guerrero, Chiapas, and Jalisco.

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