Santa Maria Huatulco

A tranquil step-back walk

Wandering Santa Maria Huatulco will send you straight forward to the real Mexican countryside. Only a 30 minutes drive from Huatulco bays this small town offers a tranquil step-back to another time, with a different rhythm, where men and women seem to move slowly along the streets. Take an extra few hours onto your next trip and visit this tiny, rural village. As many other sites in Mexico, this is a picture-perfect Mexican town with its old church steeple stabbing the sky, adobe clay houses, palm-fronded roofs, and bougainvillea branches decorating the old walls of antique buildings, you'll find yourself in the quiet of an afternoon in a local restaurant where exotic animal dishes and handmade tortillas could easily surprise the most experienced travelers.

Legends of Santa Maria Huatulco

Local people, specially elders, like to have informal talks with visitors and, proudly tell us about natural resources, the river, the caves situated on the outskirts of a steep hill, and, of course, of legends.

An old man told us one of them in a grove of mango and bougainvillea shade; he said that some years ago, when he was just a boy, it rained so hard for several days that many springs appear everywhere. As usual, they continued working on their chores. One afternoon of those wet days it rained fish and Chacales. Believe it or not, they were salt water fish but, the sea is about 20 kilometers at least. The living fish and Chacales twisted strongly as they slapped onto the ground. Local people, instead of wonder what was happening, collected as much as they could that memorable day. It is supposed that a tornado sucked the fish off the ocean and sent them to the hills and did so in nearby streams of fresh water with the Chacales.

Attractions of Santa Maria Huatulco

There is also a small river worthy enough to spend a day with the family and the warm local people who like to walk around on weekends.

This also called town Samahua is a tiny and tranquil rural village, another option to recall the taste and magic of the Mexican countryside.

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