San Andres Huayapam Oaxaca

A town with the flavour of Tejate: San Andres Huayapam

In Nahuatl language Huayapam means "Over the sea" and comes from the words "Hueyatl" which means "sea" and "Pam" which means "Over". It is only a commemorative name given that this is a place located very far from the sea.

San Andres Huayapam is a picturesque town near Oaxaca city. This small town, about 4000 inhabitants, is surrounded by the beautiful hills of the beginning of La Sierra Norte of Oaxaca. The atmosphere of this tiny village is still the one of adobe houses and stoned paved streets.

The main celebration is on November 30th in honor to San Andres Apostle. There are Calendas, fireworks, dances, music, and jaripeo, the Mexican rodeo.

Another main celebration, and the one which gives identity to the town, is the Feria del Tejate, a delicious cold beverage made with maize and cocoa. The tourist can also visit the old church in the middle of the town, which was built by the Dominic monks in the 16th century.

Although San Andres Huayapam is near to Oaxaca city, it conserves a different lifestyle, which is more traditional and quiet. During the Lent many people visit huayapam, in special the place called "El Pocito", or small well, a place at the shore of the small river, in order to collect water from it. It is believed that in that place Saint Christ appeared, also called, Señorito de Huayapam, and whose figure is at the local church.

On weekends, people also like to visit the dams of this community, there are several restaurants which offer typical food. The name of the dams is "Presas del estudiante" or "Student's dams" and they are very near to Oaxaca city.

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