Parties of May Salina Cruz

Colorful Parties of May in Salina Cruz

The port of Salina Cruz maybe is not a tourist center with many attractions and options for visitors but, on May 12Th, the main fiesta of this city takes place and it is a very recommended place to go. There is a mystical folklore in the whole Isthmus of Tehuantepec and Salina Cruz is not the exception. The main park of the city is decorated with shades of recently cut palm trees and colorful ornaments of paper which hang from the ceiling of the shades. In the evening the local motion foretells a great fiesta; many beautiful women walk around the park, the music begins and everybody is ready to dance. Women wear the traditional costumes, colorful hand woven dresses with flowers and expensive gold jewelry. Men wear black pants, white Guayaberas and hats made of palm. The music starts, mostly, the women dance in pairs, they dance softly to the rhythm of La Sandunga, a song that is almost an anthem for Zapotecs. The moment is a fulfilling one; the soft music, the taste of the beer, the proud women dancing, the smell of the palm, the smile on everybody's face.

People from Salina Cruz really like to drink beer. Almost everybody in the fiesta is drinking, many with a full box of beers next to them. If you visit Salina Cruz do not reject an offer for a drink, it is not polite to do so.
The name Salina Cruz means a Cross in the Salt mine. It is supposed that a cross of sticks covered and joined by the salt was found in Salinas del Marques.

The production of salt in Salina Cruz is still traditional; there could be seen men with shovels in the middle of the open air salt mines. People from there told me that the low land is a natural salt mine, the high tide of the ocean fills the low land and the abundant sunshine dries the water. In fact, a whole community benefits from the salt mines.

If you think that Salina Cruz is only an industrial city, you would have to visit its beautiful beaches. The green crystal water of Las Escolleras o Punta Conejos, always framed by huge ships, decks and jettys in the distance, are a very nice option to spend the day with the family or friends. Something really amazing is that whale sharks usually wander the waters of Salina Cruz. Local people call Raspabalsas or raft scratch-er because they seem to enjoy scratching against big ships. This enormous fish are not aggressive, maybe in the future they will be a tourist attraction in Salina Cruz.

If you can attend the traditional and exciting Fiesta of Salina Cruz on May 12th, you will have a very pleasant experience, a experience with easy-laugh and fun people who dance and drink at the main celebration of this Port, a place full of joy and standing proud persons, the windy city.

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