Cities and Villages

La Crucecita is the heart of the small city of Huatulco. La Crucecita means The small Cross and it is located on a plateau only a kilometer from the Santa Cruz bay.

Only 11 kms. from Oaxaca city is located a small village named Santa María del Tule. This Zapotec town of the Central Valleys posses a witness of the history of this beautiful spot: El Tule tree.

Wandering Santa Maria Huatulco will send you straight forward to the real Mexican countryside. Only a 30 minutes drive from Huatulco bays this small town offers a tranquil step-back to another time

Zaachila, a typical Mexican countryside village located only 25 kilometers from Oaxaca city. Many tourists visit the church dedicated to Virgin of Nativity, the market of Zaachila andthe typical ice cream stands around the main square.

Travel Guide Exploring Oaxaca

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