Helping La Entrega Huatulco

Cleaning La Entrega Beach

Snorkeling at La Entrega beach it is simply irresistible. It seems a large swimming pool of crystal water with the sun rays lighting throughout the water onto the ocean floor.

The shade of the reef is an open invitation to explore it. Although La Entrega beach is very clean, because people who work and live of this amazing tiny beach do their chores, many plastic items are dragged to the reef.
In order to help Nature, a little bit, Exploring Oaxaca, with a great amount of joy, snorkeled and took out of the ocean as many garbage as we could. As usual, mostly plastic items.

If you want to see how Nature defends herself from strange objects, go to Curious Facts and click on "Part of the reef", you'll see how Nature creates her own masterpieces.

One very important thing to mention is that, when going to La Entrega beach, please do not stand on the reef. There are some spots where it is shallow and many people use to stand on the reef. Doing this cause a severe damages on the microscopic creatures that form the reef. Please, remember, do not stand on the reef.

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