Clay figure found in Huatulco

More than curious it is a mystery to me how a clay figure got to my courtyard. This deed is linked to a broken tube, 15 inches wide, which supplies running water to our neighborhood, located next to a hill which belongs to a natural reserve. When the tube was broken the abundant water ran wildly down hill, dragging the soil deeply. The stream was so strong that it deposit a thick layer of sediment on a part of the yard, about 10 inches thick.

While walking on the yard I noticed that the stream dig hole in the hill and roots of plants and low trees were on display. I walked on the damaged side and suddenly, almost on the surface, I found a small human figure made of clay, maybe pre-Hispanic. I don't really know where it came from or its cultural origin but, I also know that Zapotec culture established in this region, that's why the archaeological site Punta Celeste is been explored at this moment in Huatulco Bays. Exploring Oaxaca shows photographs of this figure in order to know if it has to be given to the authorities, we'll be glad to donate it and contribute enriching the amazing cultural heritage of Oaxaca.

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