Part of the reef

While snorkeling at the reef of La Entrega beach in Huatulco Bays, I noticed that several plastic spoons and forks lie on the ocean floor and also in the reef formations. As at many beaches of Oaxaca, local people sell desserts such as fried bananas and slices of cake. Some others sell snacks such as peanuts, oysters, French fries and chips. Unfortunately, after having desserts or snacks, plastic plates and cutlery are just left on the beach and, in the high tide, the sea drags them to the ocean floor.

In order to help nature I collected as many of these items as I could to deposit them in a trash can. Dive after dive, I realized that many of these plastic forks and spoons were covered by a layer of sediments, and they have become hard forks and spoons. Depending on the amount of time in the water, the layer was thicker or thinner but, the cutlery kept the original shape. I also found pieces of snorkel tubes and their eight-number-shaped holders. It is a curious fact that this petrified cutlery became part of the ocean as Mother Nature always looks for a balance; it is truly a work of art what Nature does with these plastic invaders but, it would be better if in our visit to Huatulco we do not litter our beautiful beaches.

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