Tlachinasque termite's house

Over some branches of trees of the low jungle of Huatulco there are brown balls of mud called Tlachinasques. These curious formations are made by termites also known as Comejen. Termites build tiny tunnels with their saliva and clay through logs and branches of the tree. Then they build this kind of nest over the tree from which they will feed.

Termites live in colonies in some cases thousands of insects and feed from cellullose and usually dry the branches of the tree. Some trees seem to be healthy but under the cortex, wood has been finished by these insects. In some towns people cut off these mud nests with a machete and then they rapidly take them, termites are aggressive, to their chicken and hens, they love it. The nests are broken into the fence and termites are swallowed by the birds.

Parrots and parakeets usually dig a hole in Tlachinasques in the nesting season, that’s why these kinds of birds are easily trapped at night.

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