Amazing spurt in Tanivet

In the seventies the local government drilled wells in order to extract fresh water to supply the growing population of Oaxaca. On February 20th, 1979, local newspapers displayed in front pages "Amazing spurt in Tanivet" near Tlacolula, a town located 38 kilometres from Oaxaca city. A strong spurt of salty water, about 20 to 40 meters high, could be seen from distance in the surroundings of Tlacolula. It soon became a local party with an open air market, mexican snacks, people refreshing in the new natural pools. Due to the salinity of water the soil was severely damaged and it became almost useless for agriculture. People from the surroundings took advantage of this new tourist attraction; there were tacos, tortas, tlayudas, mezcal, raspados, fruits, and every imaginable stand.

Then, the myth grew bigger and bigger, even today people believe it, that the spurt was an arm of the ocean but, this place is located about 200 kilometers from the sea. According to experts of that time, it was not water from the ocean; the truth is that water underneath the soil of Oaxaca valleys contains a high amount of minerals.

What it is important to highlight is that people from Oaxaca really like to enjoy and take advantage of a deed like this to instantly organize the party and add some more flavor to the costumes and traditions of this colorful and joyful part of Mexico.

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