Sweeping ants

The amazing diversity of animal and vegetable kingdoms in the dry forest deserves a huge chapter apart. This time we are referring to a dark moving stream through the brownish rug of leaves on the forest floor; "Las Barrenderas" or "Sweeping Ants", very aggressive colonies of ants searching for living creatures in order to feed themselves. They respect nothing: the whole colony could enter your house and you'd better do anything to reject it, the good thing is that they will leave the house soon, they are always in movement. An extra benefit from this breaking in is that they will sweep off any insect or lizard from the house, all those poor tiny animals will rapidly run away from the aggressive Sweepers in order to remain alive.

Once I was really worried because a honeycomb hanging from an Almendro tree in my garden. The comb was made by also aggressive black wasps called "Seguidoras" or "Chasers". The Sweepers appeared from the south side of the house and then climbed the Almendro tree. In less than an hour they finished the comb. They ate the larva while the wasps moved to a hanging leave. Next day neither wasps nor ants were on sight, they disappeared in the jungle and continued moving in search of living preys.

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