Curious Facts

A strong spurt of salty water, about 20 to 40 meters high, could be seen from distance in the surroundings of Tlacolula. It soon became a local party with an open air market, mexican snacks, people refreshing in the new natural pools.

Almost on the surface, I found a small human figure made of clay, maybe pre-Hispanic. I do not really know where it came from or its cultural origin but, I also know that Zapotec culture established in this region.

In Huatulco Bays the sun shines almost the whole year. A curious deed happened on February 28th 2009 when a deep fog approached to the bays.

People used to cut off the pods of the Guanacastle or Canopy tree (Enterolobgium cyclocarpum) and then soak them until the hard pods got softer and manageable

Many of these plastic forks and spoons were covered by a layer of sediments, and they have become hard forks and spoons. Depending on the amount of time in the water, the layer was thicker or thinner but, the cutlery kept the original shape.

Las Barrenderas or Sweeping Ants, very aggressive colonies of ants searching for living creatures in order to feed themselves.

Termites build tiny tunnels with their saliva and clay through logs and branches of the tree. Then they build this kind of nest over the tree from which they will feed.

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