Caducifolia in bloom

Living nature of Huatulco

It seems to rain greenish ink at the beginning of July when the seasonal summer rains soak the brownish hills of the dry forest and it rapidly turns to a lush garden within a dramatic evolution which alters the landscape. The dry forest becomes a colorful journey of adventure; with its more than 400 species of trees and plants, the also called low forest provides an easy access for those who love nature. Hiking through its dirty paths among Guanacastle trees, Camaron (the shrimp tree with its reddish log always peeling off), Ceibas, Caobas, and the lush Guayacan is a don’t miss for tourists who desire to ease stress from shoulders.

Rainy season of Huatulco

Caducifolia in bloom : Ecotourism, Huatulco, Oaxaca The dry forest becomes a colorful journey of adventure, caducifolia in bloomWithin days receiving rain, the low forest explodes in the renewal of leaves and flowering plants. In fact, the name of Huatulco has something to deal with the forest: it means "where the wood is worshiped".
This low forest is an amazing ecosystem; There are almost 300 species of birds, 130 species of mammals, 72 species of reptiles, 15 of amphibians, and more than 400 species of trees and plants.

Hiking through mother nature of Huatulco

It is suggested to hike through the forest in the morning when the weather is still fresh. If you are lucky enough you'll find a lot of birds, squirrels, raccoons, opposums, iguanas, butterflies and even white-tailed deers. Come and hunt with your camera while you explore one of the best well-conserved ecosystems all over the country, the Caducifolia forest. Take the best shot of the day and keep the magical picture of the living nature as it is; a scene to remember, a scene to live again and again meanwhile the earth helps itself with the magnificent touch of life year after year.

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