Copalita river mouth

The river Copalita is fed by the springs and streams in La Sierra Madre. Then, the course of the river heads south crossing the evergreen jungle, coffee plantations, and finally, the low jungle to encounter itself with the Pacific Ocean in the surroundings of Huatulco.

Copalita river

This river is crucial for the survival of many plants and animals as well as many communities which have settled next to the river. There are papaya, mango, lemon, and corn plantations alongside of the river. Itis the living water course of the region and, in fact, is the southern limit of the tourist complex of Huatulco.

Fishing for the "Chacales"

Chacales are shrimps of the river. Local people have expertized at catching these tasty crustaceans; they elaborate a gadget shaped like a cone adding carrizo, a local plant alike to a small and thin cane, and a wheel as the mouth of the gadget. Then they set it in the running water at places with a rounded rock floor. The current makes the rest and chacales are trapped in the cones which are taken out of the water loaded with many chacales. They collect the bigger ones and release the small ones as prevention measure for the future. The chacales, some of them the size of a small lobster and as taste as them, are prepared with garlic, the official name of the dish is "Chacales al mojo de ajo" and it is delicious.

Sports in the river Copalita

Since the extreme sports have been more popular, local people have developed some enterprises which are respectful to nature. The river is ideal for rafting and kayaking. The level depends on the season, whether in summertime the course of the river offers high level in some spots, in the dry season it is a more tranquil cruise. The professional guides provide all the equipment and safety even to children who seem to enjoy enormously this activity.

There are also expert birders who know all the secrets spots where birds can be found. There are also horse back-riding along the river which results a magic journey to nature.

The river mouth of Copalita river

As the river flows to the coastline, a lagoon is formed by the sand bar of the beach with the same name. It is a enclosure of life and eternal green colors. There are many logs semi sunken which are nesting spots for migrant and local birds as well as ornaments for the spectacular view. The water in this lagoon is warm, green and clean. When the river mouth opens the sandbar in the rainy season, local fishermen are seen near the stream of the river mouth, trying to skip the waves of the ocean, in order to fish "Robalos" or Sea bass, a very appreciated fish which weights more than 10 kilograms.

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