For those who love birds, the low jungle surrounding Huatulco, with its almost 300 species of birds, means something different from the beaten only-beach activities.

Come and hunt with your camera while you explore one of the best well-conserved ecosystems all over the country, the Caducifolia forest.

The river Copalita is fed by the springs and streams in La Sierra Madre. Then, the course of the river heads south crossing the evergreen jungle, coffee plantations, finally it encounter itself with the Pacific Ocean in the surroundings of Huatulco.

Copalitilla Magic Waterfalls, The river Copalita feeds the stream which then runs through the jungle forming waterfalls. There are more than thirty waterfalls, one of them of twenty meters high.

A journey within the state of Oaxaca provides the opportunity to witness a mosaic of ecosystems and dramatic differences among them.

The surface of the beach is spotted by thousands of moving creatures which march slowly up and down the beach and towards the strong surf crashing on the shore of this tough sea , with a fierce decision which is only allowed by the Mother Nature.

Travel Guide Exploring Oaxaca

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