Copalitilla Magic Waterfalls Huatulco

Astonishing Waterfalls near Huatulco

Copalitilla Magic Waterfalls is an amazing nature landscape near Huatulco Bays. There are some options if you want to visit this beautiful place: if you'd like to go by your own car, first go to Santa Maria Huatulco, a sleepy town 20 kilometers from the Huatulco Bays. Then ask for the road that leads to San Miguel del Puerto. You could also go to the magic waterfalls of copalitilla on comfortable vans, a tourist service with expert guidance starting from la Crucesita. Another really exciting option is by four wheel, the jungle tour.

Adventure through nature

The off road path that heads to San Miguel del Puerto is an amazing adventure through rivers, hills, bridges, and mountains. The journey begins in the low forest and gradually, it ascends to the tropical forest also called evergreen jungle, where the coffee plantations are. The climate of these two ecosystems is really different. In the low forest the trees lose their leaves during the dry season. The temperature is hot and humid. The evergreen forest in the backdrop of La Sierra Madre is always green and exuberant. It is also cooler than the low jungle.

Vivid atmosphere

The great diversity of the two ecosystems is clearly appreciated along the tour: shaded paths, animal life such as raccoons, opossums, squirrels, deers, iguanas, more than 300 species of birds that inhabit and migrate to this region. In order to get to the magic waterfalls of copalitilla, after a very nice Mexican coffee, the visitor walks through the jungle always accompanied with the chirping of birds, lush vegetation, colorful flowers, great diversity of butterflies, and, when approaching to the falls, the relaxing sound of the water falling to the natural pools.

The river Copalita feeds the stream which then runs through the jungle forming waterfalls. There are more than thirty waterfalls, one of them of twenty meters high. The water is cold most of the time because it comes from the high streams of La Sierra which is more than 2000 meters high.
When you get to the magic waterfalls of copalitilla you rapidly realized that the tour is worth enough; clear blue water forming natural pools deep enough to dive from the rocks. For those who enjoy extreme emotions there is a hanging rope which ends above the water and offers the sensation of being Tarzan or something alike.

The Magic Waterfalls of Copalitilla, a really don't miss when visting Huatulco bays, a place to enjoy nature and explore the beauty and great landscapes of Oaxaca.

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