Chapulines from Oaxaca

Chapulines: a tasteful tradition

More than 3000 years as a regular food in Oaxaca's cuisine back up the tasty chapulines or grasshoppers. Chapulines are of the genus Sphenarium. They are a local delicacy; in Oaxaca there are many women who sell chapulines mainly at markets, they offer them in small recipients as a snack or as a filling. People use to eat them mostly as a snack.

Chapulines : Gastronomy, Oaxaca State Gastronomy in Oaxaca is an amazing range of typical dishesChapulines are thoroughly cleaned and washed out, then toasted on a comal a clay cooking surface, with garlic, lemon juice, and sal de gusano de maguey to create a sour-spicy-salty taste.

In every visit to Oaxaca, you have to be an adventurous eater; no matter how they look like, besides tasty, chapulines they are healthy, only protein with no fat. In Oaxaca there are various type of bugs that are eaten as an ancestral tradition: gusanos de maguey or worms of maguey, chicatana ants, and chapulines as the most known. All of them are a delightful culinary amenities. You have to try this looking canapé, indigenous women wearing aprons sell chapulines at the gates of markets in the downtown of Oaxaca.

The myth says that the person who tries chapulines from Oaxaca doesn't leave the place, well maybe it is not true literally but, it is a way to say that a person will take a part of Oaxaca within, the traveler will never forget the amazing journey among flavours, colors, sunsets, warm people, and cultural heritage that converge in one single place.

It is very fulfilling to have a strong mezcal and a dish of chapulines as a snack at an old tavern in Oaxaca. These flavours, colors, and traditions make Oaxaca an oustanding destination of magnificent archaeological sites, food, and colonial buildings, all in one.

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