Totopos from El Istmo

There is a known expression taken as a joke in Oaxaca: ¡Totopo güero! It refers to the loud offer of women in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec when selling Totopos, a rounded and crunchy corn tostada. Totopos are made of corn on dishes of clay called Comales. Totopos have tiny holes and are really recommended with cheese, beans, dried shrimp, baked fish and everything imaginable food. They are the local tortilla.

People in Mexico use to eat tortillas in every diner, in the Isthmus, totopos are the only ingredient that can not be missing at any diner. When coming to Oaxaca ask in markets stands if they sell totopos, you have to try them in order to make your decision, a tasty decision, another of the many ingredients of a state that keeps deeply inside the flavors of its people, costumes and places.

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