Gastronomy of Oaxaca State

More than 3000 years as a regular food in Oaxaca's cuisine back up the tasty chapulines or grasshoppers. Chapulines are of the genus Sphenarium.

When the first rain takes place in Oaxaca, the flying ants called Chicatanas leave their nests and people of all ages collect them in order to elaborate the well known salsa de chicatanas.

Chocolate, named after the Nuahuatl word Chocolatl, was the beverage of kings. It was also the currency in times of trading before the colonization.

One of the most traditional dishes in Oaxaca is the Tamales. The word tamal comes from the Nahuatl language Tamalli which means wrapped.

Tejate is a word is thought that comes from the Nahuatl language, Texatl which means floury water, compounded by Textli (flour) and Atl (water). The Zapotec name for tejate is cu'uhb.

Tlayudas, one of many traditional dishes, are large corn handmade tortillas, 30 cm. in the diameter, which could be found at any market in Oaxaca City or within the state

Totopos are made of corn on dishes of clay called Comales. Totopos have tiny holes and are really recommended with cheese, beans, dried shrimp, baked fish and everything imaginable food.

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