Handcrafts Piña Palmera

There are several types of handcrafts all over the state. Wood carving is one of the arts that Oaxaca's artisans have mastered at. Some handcrafts are more recent than others but, every item sculpted, carved, painted, created, or designed by the magic hand is worth enough to be described and mentioned as a part of the culture of the state.

In Piña Palmera, a helping and caring center located in Zipolite, Oaxaca, people carved beautiful figures of wood. They carve crocodiles and crabs figures made of pine trees.

These handcrafts, mainly related to animals of the mangroves of the wetlands, are on sale at markets in the coastal region. If you are able to purchase handcrafts, besides being a nice decoration, you will help support important projects like this.

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