Handcrafts of Oaxaca

Long time ago a young man named Manuel Jimenez dreamed about fantastic creatures, mixture of mammals, birds, and reptiles. He called them Alebrijes. His dream allowed a tradition, an identity for a whole town, San Antonio Arrazola.

San Bartolo Coyotepec is located approximately 6 kilometers south from Oaxaca City. A walk through this small town of adobe houses and still atmosphere of Mexican countryside discovers the true identity of the place: The black pottery.

In Piña Palmera, a helping and caring center located in Zipolite, Oaxaca, people carved beautiful figures of wood.

The Molinillos are manual grinders carved in wood and used all over the state to prepare the delicious chocolate beverage.

One of the most useful handcrafts in Oaxaca are those elaborated with palm leaves. The Mixteca region is the place where many of these weavers work in order to elaborate many items with the leaves of the palm.

One of those almost forgotten arts of creating manually genuine high quality products is the elaboration of hats in Miahuatlan de Porfirio Diaz.

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