Casa de la Ciudad

Wandering the downtown of Oaxaca city amazing encounters could happen; On 115 Porfirio Díaz street, corner with Morelos street, a colonial house with picturesque inner arches and a courtyard in the middle of the building hosts a cultural place called "Casa de la Ciudad" or "House of the City". This building was built between 1775 and 1847 and it was restored in 2003. Casa de la Ciudad opened its doors in 2004. Its main purpose is to be a place that provides information about Oaxaca city, its origin, development and sustainability, architecture and conservation.

The "Foto-piso" or Photo-floor hall displays two amazing mosaics of aerials photographs of the downtown of the city. These huge mosaics, about 4x4 meters, are from different dates; one from 1996 and another from 2006. The visitor can admire tiny details of streets, buildings, temples, convents, houses, parks, and trees as if he or she were in an airplane.

Casa de la Ciudad also hosts a library named after Andres Henestrosa, one of the most outstanding Oaxaca writers, a man of culture and history. This library has the book collection gathered by Andres Henestrosa. Its main collections are Hispanic American literature and history of Mexico, philosophy, linguistics, anthropology, and a collection of publications from the 18th and 19th century.

When coming to Oaxaca do not miss the several cultural places that offer, altogether, a holistic view of how this city and its inhabitants are what they are nowadays; people with amazing cultural roots, people who love their state, costumes, traditions, and festivities. Casa de la Ciudad gives us an inner essence of this colonial city, the particular essence of Oaxaca, a mixture of the Spanish heritage and its own flavor of culture and proud people.

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