Ciudad de las Canteras

One of the favorite places of the inhabitants of Oaxaca city is La Ciudad de las canteras or City of Quarry. It could be difficult to believe that this place was a creek where sewage ran through neighborhoods of the city for many years until the end of the eighties when the government arranged the place. Nowadays this natural creek hosts a beautiful park with artificial lagoons where people use to fish and, of course, release. In the mornings many people usually jog and exercise among trees and gardens. There are also basketball and baseball courts next to the Benito Juarez soccer stadium.

On Sundays the place is full of families hiking in plain city, kids playing, stands where snacks such as corn, tamales, pop corn, candies, lollipops, ice cream among others.
Telling the truth it is not a place commonly visited by tourists but, it is indeed one of the most representative ones for citizens of the capital Oaxaca. If the visitor would like to understand and share more about the urban culture of this city, La Ciudad de las Cantreras is an option to be in contact with the daily flavor of a gathering and relaxing point that seems like a parenthesis in the fast motion of the urban life.

La Ciudad de las Canteras takes its name after the green quarry hills surrounding the place. If you have seen the movie "Nacho libre", the scene when Nacho tries to reach an eagle nest in order to eat an egg to obtain power, the rock wall that he climbs on belongs to this place.
During the weekdays it is a quiet and lonely place, perfect to go writing or drawing, reading a book, or listening to music. Some fishermen have created a local fishing club just for fun, so do not forget your lines.

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