Colorful Markets of Oaxaca

Markets in Oaxaca state are colorful places full of motion and lively traditions. Markets have been the traditional meeting point for trading many years before the colonization. Almost every single indigenous group have traded their products in markets.

What to see in markets

There are several issues to be found in markets; the most traditional ones sell mostly fruits and vegetables but there are some that offer a wide variety such as the 20 de Noviembre and Benito Juarez in Oaxaca city. There are handcrafts from all Oaxaca sate such as typical clothing, alebrijes, black pottery, piñatas, tinplate handcrafts, green painted pottery, cutlery, textiles, basket weaving, and carved wood. The whole place is fulfilled with the perfume of flowers and the tasty smell of Oaxaca dishes such as the black mole. If you want to taste the home made chocolate bars, this is then place. Chocolate is delicious mixed with hot or cold milk. Another tasty tradition in Oaxaca is the bread; "pan de yema" or bread of yolk is the perfect mate for chocolate. A must spot in these markets is the stands of soft water; these stands have offered this tasteful fruit soft drinks for more than 100 years. Local people tell that before the ice-maker machines get to Oaxaca, they collected ice from the nearby hills in winter to elaborate ice cream. Today, ice cream is a delight for local and foreigners and, of course, there are stands of "Nieves" in markets.

Tasajo of Oaxaca

Tasajo is the local name to beefsteak; an incredible hall, full of smoke of grilled tasajo, where people buy the steak and they grill it for free, is a recommended spot for those who like to try the local food as local people do. At this place women who sell chillies, tortillas, radishes, guacamole, and every imaginable dressing for the steak, walk around the hall offering their products to the ones who enjoy to eat mexican street style.

Travel Guide Exploring Oaxaca

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