El Pochote cine club

El Pochote cine club is a cultural site founded by the plastic artist, national awarded painter, Francisco Toledo. It is located on 817 Garcia Vigil street in the "Barrio Xochimilco" in the downtown of Oaxaca city. This barrio or neighborhood is characterized by its pedestrian paving Stone streets and by the quarry stone aqueduct of the XVIII century which starts in San Felipe del Agua, a community located in the northest part of the Oaxaca city, and it is a picturesque sightseeing.

El Pochote cine club was founded in 1998 and it is a meeting spot for intellectual people. Every day two motion pictures are displayed in the evening. It is characterized by playing cultural movies mostly.

The adobe house in which El Pochote cine club is now established has a hall with 130 seats to enjoy different movies. A particular aspect of this place is a pond with many colored fish enclosed by cobblestone, a peaceful garden, and the arches of the aqueduct. The name "El Pochote" comes from the Pochote tree, also called Ceibas, which are common in the coastal region of Oaxaca. In fact, the name Pochutla, a small city of the coast, comes from Pochote tree which is abundant in the area.

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