Jalatlaco neighborhood in Oaxaca City

Jalatlaco is a picturesque neighborhood in Oaxaca City. It was originally a zapotec town and it was gradually surrounded by the growing city. The streets are stoned paved and there are many lantern in many adobe and quarry stone houses. The whole neighborhood deeply keeps inside the spirit of past time when chariots were pulled by horses and mules. The city of Oaxaca, cultural heritage of mankind, is growing fast and it is amazing that places such as Jalatlaco still remain as they were 100 years ago, when it was separated from the city. The importance here is that inhabitants of Jalatlaco are proud to conserve and enjoy this antique-like barrio and, at the same time, to improve the urban scenery.

The temple of San Matias Jalatlaco

It is not possible to establish exactly when it was built; it is very possible that it occurred at the end of the XVIII century.
It was originally devoted to Santa Catarina Martir and devoted to San Matias since 1700. It had a cemetery that closed its doors since the Reform war.
The temple has a sole premise oriented from south to north, without cruise or vault. The enchant of the temple resides in its facades.

One of the problems which the barrio could possibly faces is that is losing its spaces for living because of business that are opened every year. The good thing is that the visitor can walk without the noisy and speedy cars.
The architecture of the place has been an important matter for tenants of the barrio. Streets and sidewalks are clean and graffiti free in most cases.
Jalatlaco is a mixture of beauty, harmony, cleanness, pedestrian streets, and old houses which, besides to offer an option for tourists, is also a nice place for its inhabitants.

The shy sun rays of the sunset beam over the brownish rocks of buildings and streets, the lanterns swing with the cool wind and it seems that time has stopped; Jalatlaco, a jewel in the middle of the city of Oaxaca.

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