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On 115 Porfirio Díaz street, corner with Morelos street, a colonial house with picturesque inner arches and a courtyard in the middle of the building hosts a cultural place called Casa de la Ciudad or House of the City.

One of the favorite places of the inhabitants of Oaxaca city is La Ciudad de las canteras or City of Quarry.

Markets in Oaxaca state are colorful places full of motion and lively traditions. Markets have been the traditional meeting point for trading many years before the colonization.

The Benito Juarez park also known as El Llano, is one of the favorite places for people of Oaxaca City. This park, which works as a lung of the city, is meeting point for diverse people who enjoy jogging, exercising or just relaxing.

El Pochote is a cultural site founded by the plastic artist, national awarded painter, Francisco Toledo. It is located on 817 Garcia Vigil street in the Barrio Xochimilco in the downtown of Oaxaca city.

Jalatlaco is a picturesque neighborhood in Oaxaca City. It was originally a zapotec town and it was gradually surrounded by the growing city. The streets are stoned paved and there are many lantern in many adobe and quarry stone houses.

The Antonia Labastida park is a meeting point for artists and artisans of Oaxaca city. It is located in the pedestrian street in the heart of Oaxaca city, just one block from theSanto Domingo temple.

On September 14th 1985, the central public Library was established as an organization subordinate to the Directorate of education, culture and welfare.

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