The legend of Princess Donaji

The history of Princess Donaji

The history says that Zapotec king Cosijoeza and queen Coloyocaltzin had a son, Cosijopi, who was sent to rule the region of the Istmo of Tehuantepec. Cosijopi had a daughter, the princess Donaji, pronounced in the soft Zapotec language as Donashi. At those times, there were constant wars between Zapotecs, who were established in Zaachila, the political capital of Zapotecs, and Mixtecs, who were established in Monte Alban after the Zapotecs abandoned that place. The Mixtecs attacked Zaachila and, in order to finish the war, they take Princess Donaji as a hostage of peace. Then the Zapotecs stroke back Monte Alban and, because it was a sudden attack, the Mixtecs ran away and decapitated the Princess. After that, they only confessed where the body was buried but, they didn't say where the head was at and it remained as a secret which gave birth to the legend.

The legend of Princess Donaji

The legend of the Pricess Donaji says that a young shepherd who took animals to pasture where today is known as San Agustin de las Juntas, near the international airport of Oaxaca city, found a Madonna lily flower, also called Lirio, and, instead of cutting it off, he dig in order to take it with the whole roots. When he was doing it, he could see a human ear, in fact the root was at it, then he discovered the human head which was presumably the head of the princess. It is said that the head was in perfect conditions and, because of the rich decorations, it was thought to be the Princess Donaji. Then the body and the head were buried in the temple ofCuilapam . It is believed that this was done in order to attract more indigenous people because of the importance of this person in the local culture. In fact, Princes Donaji was baptised with the name of Juana Cortes.

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